Published September 2018
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In previous posts we have outlined the various types of websites offered on our website as well as how they work, what they are and what the technical stuff actually means. Today we take a closer look at e-commerce websites… more specifically, the way in which e-commerce websites are used and, as a bonus, a possible e-commerce idea for those who are playing with the idea of starting an online e-commerce business.

So by now, pretty much everyone knows that an e-commerce website is basically an online store. The category sections would be, for example, the men’s or shoe section in a clothing store. The item options are your shelves.

We also know, by now, that these websites are different than regular service websites. But what about websites like Wish, eBay and Bid or Buy? They are slightly different in the sense that they are more like shopping malls rather than individual stores.

What exactly is the difference?

Well, website wise, they are no different. They are e-commerce websites. The difference is in how they are used. A site like Bid or Buy, for example, is an online shopping mall. It’s a place in which business premises can be opened on an online platform.

An obvious example would be Woolworths. Their online shopping platform is made possible because they use an e-commerce website to punt their items online, therefore, extending their consumer reach and bringing convenience to their consumers. With that said, The Woolworths online store is just that, a store. One store only.

Bid or Buy has a vast selection of things for sale, but not all comes from just one store. The many selections are offered by several different stores. Physically, people go to a shopping mall to find the things they want to buy… or shall we call this the historical way of shopping…it will be soon, anyway.

Whereas in the modern world people go to a shopping mall, just the same, however, an online shopping mall like Bid or Buy or Wish.

That should sufficiently explain the minor difference between online malls and stores. Now, with that in perspective, here is an example of how an e-commerce website can work for you.

Big e-commerce websites like Wish are especially popular but consumer reluctance prevents it from reaching its fullest success. The online stores that advertise and sell items on the site offer their products at very affordable prices, but the items are not always exactly as advertised on the site and, where clothing is relevant, we’ve all learnt valuable lessons. DON’T SHOP FOR CLOTHES ONLINE.

However, with the right website and instead of marketing thousands of little stores, how about punting items from a trusted few, which basically means if you can match the cost factor and sign up a few stores that sell exactly what they advertise, you gain consumer trust in a massive market gap.

This also relates nicely to information we have previously shared about recognising gaps and niches when starting a business.

This is definitely a factor when it comes to online shopping. With the way the world is modernising we should have reliable online shopping outlets. Anyone purchasing from Wish, eBay or Bid or Buy do so at their own risk and trust is, more often than not, hesitant. Fill the trust gap and you have potential.

If ever there was an example of the saying “it’s not what you have, it’s how you use it,” let this be it.

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