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Mobile App Development

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from R40 000 ex vat.


Having an app for your business or promotion or whatever it may be can be a game changing marketing tool to drive traffic and revenue. Types of Apps that can be developed:


  1. Basic table functionality - It is certainly a good option for businesses who want an app that displays basic information. Think about this as a hierarchy: opening screen has big topics and you click one and you now have a set of new lists to click on.


  2. Database driven custom functionality - Development on this gets more complex and starts to get into whether or not you want the data housed “native” (built into the app) or “dynamic” (built into an online web services). An example would be having hundreds of dog breeds that you want to organize and display differently.


  3. Enhancement or Modification of the device firmware or hardware - This means that you take certain functions of the phone, such as the alarm, camera, or flash, and make it better.


  4. Fully dynamic apps - Similar to the database driven apps, these apps are the kind that rely purely on external information.


  5. Custom utilities - These are apps that are geared towards allowing the user to input content in a specific way.



App Development Process:


  1. The Ideas and Thoughts.

    This is to determine the direction of your App development, which is also the step after “I want an App”. You can assume that the more complicated the App is, the more costly it is going to develop. However you can also assume it has a higher chance of getting a great return on investment.


  2. Functionality Layout.

    Just by elaborating your ideas to the programmer is simply not enough, because they’re not going to deliver what you really want. You need to spend a lot of time thinking about every detail, including every interface as well as the components within the interface and how these components are going to interact with one another.


  3. Design.

    Design is a very important step, because once you confirmed the design, it will be put into development. Changing the design in the middle of the development means all the works done before are wasted.


  4. Going Live.

    Once you have the app built, your developer can help you get the app in the store (iTunes for example). This requires you to set up an iTunes Connect account and complete all the information necessary for the app – icons, descriptions, pricing, etc. Most of this is pretty intuitive. The setup is also a onetime thing, so if you decide to develop another app later on, you already have an account you can dump it into.

    Once you have the app up in the store, you can monitor all the analytics on the back side of it through iTunes Connect – how many downloads, how much income you are making, etc. There are lots of different ways to drive revenues with apps, including advertisements inside the app and being able to purchase through the app (in-app purchases). You can see everything happening. You can also have someone monitor this account the way you would have someone monitor your PPC or SEO campaigns so that you are always maximizing your traffic and revenue.


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website design - mobile app development

website design - mobile app development

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