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Add Media

A website that is dynamic and has media content is likely to enjoy a higher ranking than a stagnant website that is only text based. One of the key pieces of media that a website should be utilising is embedding video content onto their site. It is imperative to take note that this should not be a link or separate pop-up, but a video that becomes part of the organic content of the website through embedding. These videos should be accompanied by similar tags as images - this will boost keyword content and promote good SEO practice.

Secondly, audio files can also be embedded, but they should not take precedent over video files since user are more drawn to video files. Audio files such podcasts and music files can greatly enhance the user experience of the website and since SEO has become user driven, this will enhance your page ranking. However do not set your media to start playing the moment the user visits the website as this a deterrent and contributes to high bouncerates. Instead give them control over how and when the media plays.

Embedding media creates websites that are rich in content and this reflects favourably when it comes to search engines. Video, audio, pictures and interactive elements that do not hamper the ability of search engine robots to crawl the page can only add the SEO weight of a page.

However it is pertinent to ensure that any all embedded media is directly relevant to the content of the website. Therefore it can include the following:

  • Advertisements for the company
  • Instructional videos on company products.
  • Videos related to the product or service that your company provides.
  • News clips about your company or product.
  • A video tour of your company – this is especially useful for hotels and guest houses.
  • Personnel interviews that allow website visitors to put a face to the name of your company.

The options for media additions to you website are varied and it is a good platform to use the creativity of your SEO and web development team to enhance your website.

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