Published February 2018
Website Design - Cyber Crime

Our web design division has recently had to deal with a series of websites being hacked, and their owners asking for help.

Cybercrime and related solutions do not fall under general services of a website design company but we have tried our best to help our clients. After all, they are technically victims of a crime. There are specialist agencies which can help website owners with extra protection and solutions. Cybercrime is an epidemic with over 30 000 sites being hacked each day.

As such, we were inspired to give our followers a bit of insight on cyber crime and website hackings. It is important however to point out it is the website owners responsibility to ensure their sites are upgraded and updated as months go by to reduce risks, and accept that no matter how well one plans, all risk can't be completely removed. Just like owning a car, and locking it up in a garage and taking insurance out on it.

The most obvious element around websites being hacked is that there is not much awareness around the crime. Or rather, how to guard against it. Of course, we know it does happen but so what, right? People are not much worried about this unless they were subjected to a compromise. Only then do security measures become a necessity to website owners.

To put this as simply as possible, hackers don't gain much from hacking websites. According to research, more often than not, their motivation is a power trip. Although exposed to confidential company information, messing things around, or unless there is a major beneficial factor financially, its only to mess around.

Of course, this means business and money to the victims. The sites are down for the time it takes to repair the problem. In some instances offensive materials may be planted on your site, other times, perhaps a virus. Whatever the case may be, the result is a loss of business and additional expenses in the restoration of your website.

After interviewing a client who was unfortunately subjected to the crime of web hacking, she confirmed that their biggest loss was the costs of the solution. The biggest danger to their business was losing clients. Some hackers are more brazen than others and our client was also contacted by the hacker to inform that their website has been hacked.

This is unfortunate but it happens. There is no one hundred percent, surefire way to absolutely secure your website against being hacked.

To say it simply, there are many different functions and elements that work together, which makes up your website. All these functions and elements have an impact on your overall security and may contribute to how your website gets hacked.

Commonly, websites get hacked because of three things:

Access control

Software vulnerabilities

Third party integrations

Website security is about risk reduction, not elimination. The best way to reduce a security compromise is to be made aware and educated around what measures one can take.


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