How Adwords work

Published June 2018

What is it and why is it necessary:

Adwords is an advertising system developed by Google in which advertisers pay for ad exposure. This could be advertising copy, product listings as well as video content displayed within the Google ad network.

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Basically, you pay for position on Google.

Don’t understand?

Google created a network in which business owners can advertise their websites to web users. Of course, ad position is vital here because if your ad is not exposed clients will not see it.

Position is determined by bidding on each search phrase and you pay when someone clicks on your advert.

Multiple people bid at the same time. The more you bid, the higher your position on Google.

Your adverts run for as long as your budget allows.

So where do we come in?

You pay for a position on Google instead of waiting on SEO for results.

There are two phases.

  1. We set up a campaign, test it and then advise on what sort of bid values you need and propose a budget to run for a full month. We call this Adword research and set up. This takes 1 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity.
  2. If you are happy with the cost of clicks and proposed budget from phase 1, we can manage the campaign for you. —phase 2— at the Adwords management campaign fee we quote. In addition to this fee, you need to pay for the Google spend, which is the budget as mentioned earlier. You can also elect to spend less than we proposed and increase the budget at a time that you are comfortable to do so. This product works on a month to month bases.

Adwords are different to SEO in the sense that it works faster. Where SEO is a long term solution, Adwords is an immediate solution, and your website will start gaining traffic the day your campaign starts. Most marketing campaigns use a variation of SEO, Adwords and social media.


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