How a Normal Website Works and Operates

Published June 2018

The most basic thing to understand when we refer to a “normal” website is that we are referring to a basic website that does not come with extras and elaborate features; however, some of the information can be applied to the more elaborate websites like E-Commerce websites, for instance.

For more information on the different types of websites you get, this is a very helpful article.

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So what is a basic website?

A basic website can be one that has your four basic pages and comes without hosting, which means the client has a hosting platform already and merely needs us to build the actual website. A website is a group of computer files, and hosting is where the files are saved and accessed by the World Wide Web.

We can build a website as per the client’s custom requirements in terms of functionality, look and content, but it’s important that an accurate brief is provided. Example websites similar to what a client wants is often the fastest way for us to learn what a client has in mind.

The most standard website comes with four standard pages.

  • Home Page.
  • About Page.
  • Services Page.
  • Contact Page.

However, if more pages are required we have packages available that facilitate more pages. We have priced our packages on the most purchased solutions in terms of page numbers, but we really can add an infinite number. Remember, the more the pages, the greater the cost. Keep costs down by being smart about the function and process a web visitor has to follow to engage. Sometimes simpler is better.

In addition to this, we also offer basic website packages with hosting. This means that the client wants more than just a website. In which case, we will supply hosting, build the website as well as make it live on the Internet. Basically, the home of a website.


A website is built using a content management system. We use WordPress. WordPress is one of the best content management systems available on the market. However, other web design programs like DreamWeaver are not bad either. However, DreamWeaver and Notepad++ are used for HTML websites only.

We can build on whatever platform a client requires using a custom price plan.

Using WordPress, we design your website using set templates.

We create the pages you want, the layout, the functionality you want and add the content you want, whether it be text, image or video content, within the framework of the template.

When the website is complete, we launch the website, meaning we make it live on the Internet—Moving it from our developers PC to the hosting PC. We then provide you with log in details so that you can log into your website and update it as you need. The client zone on our website has manuals for you to use so that you can quickly learn how to access your website and make basic changes.

However, we also offer options in which we administrate the website for you, which means we update it for you at a per hour work rate. Every standard website comes with a map for location and contact form as well, which means your clients can send you enquiries from your website and you will receive it in your email account.

Once the website is live, you can share your website link on your social media platforms, linked to your business, or utilize our marketing services to get exposure through SEO or Adwords.

Your website, with all the design information, is then available on the internet and when your website is seen either on Google search results or on your social media platforms, clients will then be able to click on your website and have all your company information, services, products and contact information in front of them.

Please Note, we offer training for clients who wish to purchase a website from us and administrate it themselves as an add-on service.


The information contained on these pages were carefully prepared and intended for the benefit of our current and potential clients and serve as general examples of our process and procedures and may be subject to change depending on each individual client’s specific needs and requirements.
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