How an SEO session works

Published June 2018
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What is it and why is it necessary?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what we do to help your website list on search engines such as Google.

If you are not on search engines your website cannot be found.

Each search phrase produces different results on search engines and position changes all the time.

So if you want Internet exposure, because your clientele derives from the internet or it is where people go to find things, your website will need to land on the first-page search results, or on one of the first three search pages, at the very least, for your primary search phrases. (Words and phrases you think people search to find your services or products on the Internet)

How do we do that?

We optimize your content with words or popular search phrases under your business category.

Let’s say, for instance, you have a law firm that specializes in divorce law, but only in Durban.

Search phrases relevant to your practice could be divorce lawyer Durban, divorce attorneys Durban, lawyers in Durban, affordable divorce lawyer Durban, divorce lawyer, divorce attorneys, legal assistance.

The above is a list of primary search phrases and variations. Each variation will result in a different position on search engines.

The biggest misconception clients have is that they think they need SEO for their website. That is entirely incorrect. SEO is done for search phrases, on pages, on websites. This means, you have to start with the search phrases you want to compete against and work with a plan for each and every search phrase.

If you already have content on your website, we will optimize your content to the relevant search phrases and keywords you want to compete with on search engines. You cannot compete for every search phase.

When buying SEO packages, it is important to understand that SEO is not something that can be done just one time and that it is a long term plan. For instance, when you reach a first-page Google ranking, you need to maintain that position with monthly optimization sessions.

However, there are tricks to the trade to help your rankings. Some can be done once, some have to be repeated. The basic rules that we follow are to assess your primary competitor, advise what their SEO status is and then advise on how to do better than them. We have our very own, independently developed SEO certificate—and it is worth mentioning that we are the only web design company first on Google and have been for several years.

Let’s clarify:

Without SEO you will not be visible on Google search results.

We ask you in a brief to list several key phrases/words and we optimize those phrases and words so that when searched, Google will read and collect information related to those phrases/words on your website and list your website as a search result, therefore, making you visible to people in need of your information, services or products and then giving you a new business lead.

SEO is not something that can be one time. It has to be done periodically to maintain your ranking on Google search results or we can assist with one time SEO options.

We offer 6 and 12 month contract options for SEO.

If you want a more competitive approach for your website, speak to us, we can give you some excellent advice.

To optimize your website we will need access to your website and prefer that you are on our server for this reason.

Details to this can be found on our downloadable SEO brief under the client zone on our website.


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