Published April 2019
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Although the days of LimeWire and questionable file extensions (we all know that an mp3 does not end in .exe by now… hopefully) are long gone, and online users have become more savvy when it comes to web security, the internet is still populated with potential threats. That’s why in this newsletter we want to talk about Web Recovery & Security, because for every security update out there, savvy hackers and criminals engineer new ways around it. These are not teenagers who spend too much time online, these are sophisticated syndicates or individuals with one goal: to retrieve enough personal information or to infiltrate a system enough to make money. It only takes one loose thread in your web security chain for a hacker to unravel the whole system.

This is why web security is incredibly important, as having a secure website is essential to running a successful site – after all would you say yes to a website with no security certification? Of course not, and you cannot expect the same from your customers. Let’s use the example of an e-commerce site to explain this:

Your e-commerce site may be small, but every transaction creates a pocket of data that a hacker could potentially use to clone a credit card or someone’s identity. It is therefore incredibly important to make sure that your site is secure using the best web security products available. There are so many types of threats, for example malware, viruses and direct attacks on a website that could render it useless. Imagine waking up and not being able to open the doors to your online store, because a clever hacker used an unguarded backdoor to steal the whole store from you during the night! And most importantly, although you may have had your website secured when it was first built, it is incredibly important to do a web security upgrade from time to time. The internet isn’t what it was in 2005, let alone last week, it is vital to keep up.

We can help with web security in various forms starting from only R650.00 ex Vat. Whether you have been attacked or are simply looking for preventative measures, why not talk to us about which product best suits your website. Perhaps you’re in the market for a security upgrade, or need new certification, or maybe you need a hacked website assessed for threats. Some services we can assist with include:

  • Google re-captcha
  • File change detection
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Firewall
  • Database backups

Speaking of web products, have you visited our Client Zone yet? This is a nifty corner on our website is packed with informative articles on web products, updates and our briefing docs which are essential to the website building process with us. Want to read previous newsletters? They’re in the client zone along with contact information, pricing guides, FAQs and what will prove most useful, the guides on basics like setting up your emails, webmail and so much more! And if you can’t find something on there, of course please always reach out to us and we will assist you.

For further information about our services please feel free to contact us.

sales@websitedesign.co.za | 0724237298 | www.websitedesign.co.za


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