Published August 2018
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Our web design company offers a comprehensive set of websites and related web services, meaning that we offer more than just one type of website and more than just web design services. Having said that, in today’s newsletter we talk about some of the free websites offered to the public and what it does to your credibility in business.

We have all seen the adverts on the Internet. The most common service providers in this area are Weebly and WordPress. Setting up a free website is very convenient and even looks really good, and for those with an interest in web design, you’ll feel like a pro.

The thing is, however, your web link contains the service provider’s name in it, whether it be Weebly, WordPress or another service provider, the name will be in your web link. Additionally, these free sites host adverts on your website.

This is bad for two reasons. The service provider’s name in your link indicates that your site is free and the adverts are just annoying and takes focus away from your service or product.

A free site hurts your credibility because anyone can set up a free website, and with the amount of online scams making the rounds people are reluctant to trust websites that do not shout LEGIT from the cyber mountaintops; especially where online payment transactions and postal deliveries are relevant.

Most people have experienced online credit card theft, paid for items that simply never arrived or paid for something but did not receive what they ordered. For those who have not experienced any of these scenarios, they have definitely heard about the encounters from family or friends. As a result people are more cautious so as to ensure that it does not happen to them or happen to them again. It is a very delicate avenue and it is vital to win over the consumer’s trust.

When you pay for a website, your web link is your own completely and there is no advertising present on your site…unless you so choose with affiliate marketing.

People are more trusting when they can see that the website belongs to the company entirely…giving the impression that the website is paid for. For some reason this validates credibility. People are less likely to think a website or business is a scam if the website belongs to the company entirely.

Having your own website also gives you ample marketing options.

Marketing your website, one that is yours entirely, does not guarantee more business but it guarantees trust in your potential clientele. For every person that browses your site, you instil trust because it is a professional and paid for website.

So by default you extend your business potential two-fold in purchasing a website as opposed to setting up a free site.

You open doors for marketing and you build credibility and therefore trust in your target market.

Another very important thing to consider with owning your website is the email address. When you set up a free site you don’t get a personalised email address and for the sites that do offer it, it commonly has the service provider’s name in it. Like WordPress will feature in a free WordPress email address.

Many people don’t care much about that because they think Gmail is their personalised email address and so no problem. The problem, however, is that, just the same, Gmail is a free service and anyone can set it up. In business, using a Gmail address affects your credibility. From personal experience, I seldom use the services of a company that offers a Gmail address. The broadly trusted perception is that a legitimate business will have a personalised email address.

On the other side of the coin, a small business just starting out might opt for a free website and Gmail email address. This is because someone starting with nothing might not have the finances to oblige a website. There is also a general perception that paying to have a website designed is very costly.

The good news is that our web design company offers websites from as little as R1650.00 and with your personalise website comes a personalised email address when you get domain and hosting as well. This is a great website for businesses that are just starting out and it offers four basic pages.

  • Home.
  • About.
  • Services.
  • Contact Us.

Contact us to find out more about this website and others. We can help your business credibility.

For further information about our services please feel free to contact us.

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