Published February 2019
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Do you find yourself talking to yourself?
This product can be most helpful to you then!

Also, if you have a company, we can recommend this product. When was last time your query to a company received an instant reply? Sure, a complicated query could take a while to solve, and this could be due to escalations and research, but what about easier questions? For example, a customer wants to know if you ship to their address, and instead of receiving an instant answer, they have to wait 24 hours and lose interest in the item they wanted – that’s a lost sale! There is an easy solution for this, and that’s what we are going to talk about in today’s newsletter: Chatbots. With a chatbot, the customer would have received an instant reply, and if the chatbot was advanced enough, it could even have guided them through the sale.

But what is a chatbot? Powered by AI, chatbots are the future of client care services and can be customised to your business needs and brand. It is a programme that can communicate with clients through a series of pre-defined replies to common questions. It can get more complicated with advanced builds, but in general, the technology surrounding chatbots is definitely focused on effective customer service and instant client communication. Have you ever visited a website and seen a little chat bubble in the bottom right corner? That’s a chatbot right there, simply click on it and ask away. Have you ever spoken to Siri? Or used voice commands on Google? Those are highly advanced chatbots too.

Some chatbots are designed to hold conversations and can seem very realistic while others have a pre-set list questions and answers that users can navigate through – it all depends on the type of business and website. Now you may be sceptical, after all, the idea of a robot interacting with your customers seems like something from the far-future, but let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

  • Near instant communication 24 hours of the day
  • Less room for human error
  • Data collection from the communications between chatbots and customers for valuable insights
  • More cost-effective than employing customer service staff

As it stands, robots are in no danger of taking over the world and will not be replacing human staff entirely. However, chatbots may be the key to optimising staff performance as they are not bogged down by mundane queries and can instead focus on more important issues related to client services. The uses for chatbots are vast and are constantly expanding. From acting like an interactive FAQ, to processing sales, to finding items on a website, it looks like chatbots might become the go-to navigation tool for web users. Instead of spending ages trawling through a website for a specific product, customers are able to ask the chatbot to locate it instantly.

Interested in streamlining your client communications? Check out our chatbot services https://www.websitedesign.co.za/chatbotdevelopment.html . Starting from as little as R1 050 excluding VAT, talk to us about designing a chatbot package to suit your needs.

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