Published January 2019
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News Update:

New year, new start! Welcome to 2019! We trust that all our clients had a wonderful festive season and relaxing holiday. Now that the calendar has officially ticked over to a new cycle, we are back in the office and again ready to offer the best in web development. There is something about a new year that always inspires new ideas and innovation – and no doubt, it creates endless avenues to explore the idea of entrepreneurship. Maybe, the time has come to take your interest and turn it into a profitable passion.

One of the most important ways to do that is to create a web presence for your business. Even if you have an established company, a facelift for your internet persona may be just what brings in new business. So often, potential customers walk away from a business before even engaging, because they have no website or social media presence to connect with.

Social media has become a quick fix for new companies who forego the traditional website in favour of a Facebook page or Instagram business account, and although these are valuable tools to engage with customers and potentially find new customers, the lack of a website is often seen as unprofessional and can even turn new social media followers away.

Of course, setting up a website can seem daunting to new company owners, especially when there is so much else to take care of in terms or registration and paperwork. However, having a website is so important – it is your number one link to the world. A website with a good SEO ranking on Google is more valuable than all the radio and television adverts you could afford. After all, a client may hear your name on the radio, but they will turn to Google to track down your business a few days later.

Web Design

Our SEO products start from R3230 +vat for a 6 month contract: https://www.websitedesign.co.za/websitedesignmarketing-seo.html

At Website Design, we pride ourselves on understanding the goals of our clients and this includes taking away the intimidation of creating a website. Our highly skilled developers are able to take a client’s vision and translate it into a virtual extension of their business model. From as little as R1 650 + vat, your new company could start taking over the internet, and with our added Corporate Identity package, your new venture could have a consistent image across all forms of communication from the get-go – including logo design, business cards, and an email signature.

We are so excited to see what 2019 has in store for our clients and what new ventures come our way, and we hope to extend that excitement into every new project we take on. Feel free to contact us to discuss website design options and what package would be best suited for your new company. Let’s make 2019 the year we all take a leap forward and grow the seeds of entrepreneurship.

sales@websitedesign.co.za | 0724237298 | www.websitedesign.co.za


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