Published June 2019

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As costs in South Africa go up, ours have come down!

Bucking the Trend by Cutting Our Prices

Let’s face it, the economy has us all nervously clinging to our purse strings at the moment. Everything is going up in price, and even your favourite deal from the grocery store is suddenly R20 more expensive, not to mention another fuel price increase. And while it may feel as though everything is spinning wildly out of financial control, you may be eyeing your business budget with a curious glance, looking for things to cut or better deals. There may be few exemptions from the current economic pinch, but we’ve decided to buck the trend and actually reduce our prices for 2019 to 2020.

To boost business we can call on the power of the internet. If you don’t have a website yet, or even need to upgrade or reduce hosting costs, we offer that solution at the very best prices with matching standards.

Remember, we are first on Google, have built over 14 000 websites and operation for clients nationally, we also have our own dedicated servers for hosting and emails and one of very few web design companies with cybersecurity products, that means there is no need to bounce between designers and hosting companies and other suppliers.

Here are our base product starting costs for 2019 and 2020! We are very proud of our new rates and hope to hear from you as a client soon.

Web Design

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sales@websitedesign.co.za | 0724237298 | www.websitedesign.co.za


Web Design

Please note that the above price structures are subject to change and become outdated as time passes from the time of its publication. Please feel free to explore our website for updates or contact us for assistance.

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