Published March 2019
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Hosting – we offer more! Really, we do.

Hosting is often overlooked or just simply not considered. Most people want a website but forget to consider the upkeep or technical side of it. But at websitedesign.co.za, we’ve got you covered. You see, not only can we design your site, but we’re also going to host it for you. We spoke to Riyaad in our hosting department about the benefit of this and couldn’t have said it better “You get expert support for your domain, hosting and any email issues. Having everything in one company eliminates the need for required resources from external or third-party suppliers”.

Web Design

Not only that, but you also receive a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate with every domain, as well as 30-minutes of complimentary web design services for minor website changes. So if your address or phone number changes, you can have it updated quickly and freely – no customers showing up at the wrong address!

So you want to build a website for your company or personal brand. Of course, you could go the template route and try and make your content fit into the same pre-designed aesthetic that every other website has going on. And of course once you’ve bent your content into their shape, it goes offline and you can’t get those hours back, and the pre-fabricated website service you’re using isn’t answering your emails (because you are one in thousands needing assistance).

You could do this, or you could talk to websitedesign.co.za about not only helping you design a custom site but hosting options as well. In this newsletter, we want to talk about our hosting and design packages and what makes us stand out from the rest. First of all, we don’t offer just one service; we offer everything you need for your website from design to hosting and beyond. Let’s break it down below:

Beyond …

So you’ve got the website, you’ve got the hosting but have you heard of SEO? Of course, most people have. Search engine optimisation is a specialised and competitive field where websites battle it out for search engine real estate. Just like a brick and mortar business, your website is worthless without traffic, and we can help drive traffic to your website through web marketing services, such as SEO.

Web Design

So why are you even shopping around and looking at hosting here, designing there, while reading up about ad agencies, when everything you need is in one office at websitedesign.co.za. Starting at R 2895.00 ex VAT for a comprehensive package including hosting and design for up to 5 pages on your website. Our services can be tailored to your needs - enjoy customised client care and expert advice along with value-added services that you won’t find anywhere else.

For further information about our services please feel free to contact us.

Web Design

sales@websitedesign.co.za | 0724237298 | www.websitedesign.co.za


Please note that the above price structures are subject to change and become outdated as time passes from the time of its publication. Please feel free to explore our website for updates or contact us for assistance.

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