Published September 2018
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News Update:

Our website design company offers a variety of website options and other web-related services. We have assisted small businesses as well as big name-brand companies with websites and web services. We also rank first on search engines.

In today’s newsletter, we take a look, again, at some of our latest websites. Feel free to peruse the sites to get a preview of what we have to offer and what we can do.

  • https://www.kezza.co.za/
    Kezza offers products that expose your brand in creative and memorable ways, using wood, acrylic, paper and vinyl. They also offer other products and services, which boasts creative diversity and which draws attention to your brand.
    This website is, what we like to call, a CMS website, which basically means clients are able to update and make changes to the site without the assistance of a web developer/designer.
  • https://www.brennadesigns.co.za/
    Brenna Designs is a creative studio and small enterprise that reinforces corporate image with matching stationary and clothing and can also assist lasting memories with tailor-made gifts for special occasions.
    This site is a HTML site, which means coding is necessary when updating or changing elements of the website. Therefore, a web designer is required for assistance.
  • https://www.tthc.co.za/
    The Thai Hut Co. is a catering company with a mobile division, which can, therefore, accommodate private events, corporate functions and yearends, among other occasions. The company has retail take-away outlets throughout Cape Town and is loved for its authentic Thai flavours.
    This website is a CMS site, which means the client can maintain the website without the assistance of a web designer.

As part of our services, we offer standard websites as well e-commerce websites and can make recommendations with regards to plugins. For those who don’t know, plugins are payment gateways, like PayPal, for example. Of course, there is more than one kind of plugin. A plugin is basically a software component that allows an existing website or browser to do additional things. Other examples of plugins are virus scanners or Adobe Flash Player.

Our standard website option comes with four basic pages; Home, About, Products/services and contacts us. If you need more than these pages, we have options available to accommodate more pages.

As explained above, we offer CMS websites as well as HTML, which is the difference between being able to maintain a site yourself and needing a web designer to maintain updates and changes. HTML uses code for its updates, while CMS offers the option in which the client can maintain changes without the assistance of a professional, however, some CMS sites do require some code.

If you are interested in getting a website for your business, please consult us for assistance or peruse our website for other website options. You can also have a look at some of our sites so as to provide an example of what you might want as well as see what we can do.

For further information about our services please feel free to contact us.

sales@websitedesign.co.za | 0724237298 | www.websitedesign.co.za


Please note that the above price structures are subject to change and become outdated as time passes from the time of its publication. Please feel free to explore our website for updates or contact us for assistance.

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