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Published August 2018
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We specialize in the design and development of websites and offer a selection of web options.

We offer a standard design that comes with your four basic pages.

  • Home.
  • About.
  • Service/Product.
  • Contact.

This is our most competitively priced website and offers everything you need to operate your business online. This option also comes in two variations, CMS and HTML. Choosing a CMS option merely means you can update and upload basic changes from the backend yourself, while HTML does not allow you to update your site yourself. Choosing HTML means the website is developed using code and any updates will require the assistance of a web designer.

We also offer more advanced website options, which basically come with more pages. These will be slightly higher in cost, but they also come in CMS and HTML options. While our standard option will commonly suffice with most businesses, some companies require extra pages for additional features.

One of our other really great web options is the e-commerce option. Our e-commerce sites also come in CMS and HTML options. It should be known that HTML options are slightly higher in cost than CMS option.

With that in perspective, e-commerce websites are ideal for retail businesses. These sites come with shopping carts and offer options to incorporate plugins. For those who don’t know, plugins on an e-commerce website commonly refers to the payment path, like PayPal for example. Typical examples of elaborate e-commerce websites would be Wish and TakeAlot.

We have a large client base and have done websites for some of South Africa’s biggest brands. What’s unique about our web design services is that through our neighbor departments we can offer assistance on some of the art work, like do a company-specific photo shoot or create video content for marketing purposes. For further marketing and branding purposes we can provide high-level personalities to feature in some of your video content.

Have a look at some of our most recent websites:

  • https://www.librahomes.co.za/
    This website is for a unique development company. They not only build your home, they also offer a service in which they do the interior design. They also assist with home design and home renovations and alterations. (CMS)
  • https://www.academyofarch.org.za/
    This website is for the Academy of Arts and Architecture. They are one of the most sought after learning academies in this diligence. (CMS)
  • https://www.peregroup.com/
    This website is for a diversified company that has trade in several different markets and industries. The theme on this site is worth having a look at. (HTML)
  • https://www.fruityandfloral.co.za/
    This website is for a company that designs perfumes that resemble the smells of brand perfumes. (CMS)
  • https://www.focrs.co.za/
    This website is for a company that offers recovery services, claims and liabilities. (CMS)
  • https://www.theentrepreneur.co.za/
    This website is for an initiative to encourage new business startups. This website is a prime example of all our services collectively. We did the photography and artwork, the video and textual content as well as developed the actual site. The artwork and photography on this site is definitely worth looking at. Everything on this site was done in-house.

If you would like assistance with a website, please contact our office.

Content creation is one of our extended web services and we hereby proclaim that we were not responsible for the textual content on any of the first five websites listed above.

sales@websitedesign.co.za | 0724237298 | www.websitedesign.co.za/p>


Please note that the above price structures are subject to change and become outdated as time passes from the time of its publication. Please feel free to explore our website for updates or contact us for assistance.

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