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Published June 2018
Web Design

Web development is a whole different language for those who do not have a basic understanding of how it works. This articles was prepared to help our clients understand the general process as well as answer a few frequently asked questions

Typically, a client will browse the internet for a web developer and then make an enquiry about what they want. Product type, price and turnaround time play a role in this decision.

Our web design services offer a few different packages to choose from, which are based on industry research in relation to the most needed services. However, if unsure about what you need, you can make an enquiry and our professionals will assist you with guidance as to what you need for your business.

Websites and Packages:

To understand our process, it is important to understand our products. As a web design company, naturally, we offer several website packages as well as many relevant extras, which are supportive of the primary services we offer. All of which can be viewed using the main service menu on our website.

Unlike the FREE web design services available on the market, you will have your own website, domain and emails linked to your professional website, without any affiliate marketing or the free service provider’s links included on your website. With us you get a pure, clean, advertisement free website, which includes content relevant to your business only.

The very first thing to understand is that we offer website packages with and without hosting.

Hosting means that you either have a hosting service provider already, in which case you need us to merely design the website only, or you do not have a hosting service provider, in which case you need this option included in your web package as well.

However, we recommend that you purchase a web package with hosting as we often encounter faults/errors from external hosting platforms. This is because other hosting providers may not have the technical requirements for your website to operate correctly. Additionally, we want all our clients to be long-term clients and choosing a package with hosting means that you will be with us for years to come. When hosting with us, we are able to offer technical support on emails, security related services and even web marketing.

Our hosted and non-hosted packages can further be divided into two more categories.


CMS is the type of system in which you can update basic content yourself, using the backend of the website. HTML or other custom codes do not allow you to update website content yourself, but unlike CMS options, we don’t really use templates. So your look and function options are far greater.

All basic websites should have the following pages, which are included in all our base products.

  • Home Page.
  • About Page.
  • Services Page.
  • Contact Page.

Each product gives a provision for the amount of text, images and content on the package. You provide the content, and we add it to the website.

You will be provided with a summary of the product by a sales person.

Check that the summary covers all your needs.

If you need anything extra, ask and a custom fee and product can easily be created.

Let’s get into a bit more information for you now:

We also offer E-Commerce websites/online shops. The development of these follow a similar process to a standard package but use a content management system, and a payment gateway has to be set up in your own name and account.

Remember that for any of our packages we offer supportive services if needed. For example, sourcing images, original contextual content, SEO and Adword options.

The Standard Developer Process continued …

The client has browsed the internet for a reliable web developer and found us.

This is probably because we are first on Google for primary search phrases.

The client has browsed through our website packages and decided on a website. Perhaps the client is unsure about the particular website necessary for his/her business and sends us an enquiry. Once we receive the enquiry, contact will be made and the client will be guided to a website package best suited to his/her requirements.

Please note that the client zone on our website has all sorts of helpful information, including briefing document downloads. It also has frequently asked questions, notices of new products and tips. Our formal quotes and contracts have in the terms, a very good overview of the processes and definitions of the work we do.

So you have contacted our agency with an enquiry about a website, what now?

  • Our agency will make contact and a choice of package will be determined. We always respond within four working hours and eight working hours once a project is activated and moved to the development office.
  • A formal quotation will be sent.
  • The client will accept the quotation.
  • A deposit/first payment must be transferred.
  • When deposit reflects, development process starts. We call this project activation and you will be introduced to your designer. You get their direct contacts, and they do a briefing with you over the phone. The project brief will be reviewed and you are able to visit the designer in person at this point, if you like.
  • Project brief will be reviewed.
  • Project manager is consulted to complete the brief.
  • Domain is ordered (if quoted) and email set up.
  • Designer/client interaction.
  • Functionality and development. This is normally the first review. You, the client, get to see pages, menu and framework.
  • Cosmetics and contextual. We add look and feel and actual content.
  • Website is reviewed. Feedback given.
  • We then do final changes and quality control check.
  • When balance payment reflects, website is uploaded and goes live.
  • QC checks (website quality).
  • Project is closed and handed over to project manager to thank you for your support.

Web Design

Still not sure?

Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell.

Once a client makes contact with our agency about the development of a website, we will assist, if necessary, in choosing a package. Once a website package is determined, the client will receive a formal quotation. The client will accept the quotation and once a deposit/first payment reflects, the development process will begin.

Remember, the client zone on our website offers a wealth of information. Our website also offers direct contacts to our different divisions, and clients can even use WhatsApp to communicate with our designers.

What is the development process?

This is where the magic happens. The client fills in a brief to express his/her website requirements—This is a MS word document and very simple to complete—For example, with hosting, without hosting, with content, what content, images, what the client wants the website to do and how it must look. The brief is reviewed and a plan is put together to achieve the client’s requests. Once the project manager completes the brief, a web designer is assigned to the project. The designer will interact with the client to ensure all requirements are met. Functionality is developed and tested and then the look of the website (cosmetics) is applied as well as contextual content.

To put it in even simpler terms, once a website package is decided on, a quotation will be sent to the client. Once a deposit reflects, we will start the development process. This process includes interacting with the client and getting all the information as to what the client wants the website to do and how it must look. The designer will keep the client informed with regards to progress and continually ensure that the client is happy with the progress and that functionality is on par. (Coding and all that…best leave that to the computer nerds).

The website is built, what now?

Now the designer, project manager and client will review the website for the last time. If the client is satisfied, the balance is paid and upon reflection, the designer will upload and launch the website to be live on the Internet. Quality checks will be done before we go live, and then the project is handed over to the project manager for after sales.

Final result…a happy client.

We have more followers on social media than any other web design company in S.A. that we are aware of.

How long does it take and what do I get for my money?

The time it takes to develop a website is determined by the type of website the client wants to purchase, which is formulated by the project management system. Project timelines are shared upfront and can range between 7 and 42 working days, depending on the size of the website.

The most common delays in the development process are the wait for content (text and images) to be sent to us by the client. This is why we provide briefing documents as well as provide supporting products for content.

What you get is determine, again, by the type of website you purchase. But a blanket explanation of what you get is customer service and assistance throughout the development process. There are so many web designers out there. Our team of web designers works for SA Online exclusively and our services are superior in the sense that we are first on Google and boast building more websites for our target market than any other company we know. In short, we are very good at what we do and produce excellent products.

Final note:

What you get is determined by what you purchase. Hosting, domain, HTML and content services are available as additional options and will be included in what you get if ordered.

When your website is live, you will be able to administrate and update your website on your own as and when you need to. For instance, update your content, upload or remove products or service as well as change location and contact information should it ever become necessary. However, we do offer packages in which we administrate the website for you.

My website is live, what now?

Now you can consult us about marketing services to get you client exposure. Also take this opportunity to investigate risks with cybercrime. As a website owner, you need to take reasonable measures to protect your website, which at the end of the day is computer data.


The information contained on these pages were carefully prepared and intended for the benefit of our current and potential clients and serve as general examples of our process and procedures and may be subject to change depending on each individual client’s specific needs and requirements.
SA-Online will not be held responsible for any misunderstandings and/or misuse of the information contained on this page.

Please note that the above price structures are subject to change and become outdated as time passes from the time of its publication. Please feel free to explore our website for updates or contact us for assistance.

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