Cybercrime & Digital Abuse from R5840 + vat

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Cybercrime & Digital Abuse Services.

  • Are you a Victim of Cybercrime or Digital Abuse?
  • Has your website or mailbox been compromised?
  • Does your business want to prepare for an e-attack and put plans in place for your staff and suppliers?

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Cybercrime Prevention Service

Through our network we offer a number of supportive services:

  • PoPIA, preparation, abuse reporting and mitigation.
  • Tracking down and reporting cybercriminals for our Clients.
  • Repairing and rebuilding hacked websites.
  • Assessing cybersecurity and boosting defenses.
  • Mitigating a cyber-attack.
  • E-Legal support.
  • Reporting E-Criminals to Law Enforcement and Regulators.
  • Support in removing and reporting trademark or information of a protected, personal or private nature from online platforms.
  • Dealing with Cyberbullying.
  • Training staff on social media policy and online security.
  • Implementation of company online policies.

Cybercrime & Digital Abuse Services

Cybercrime Digital and Legal Assessment Review

R5840 + vat.
  • Compromised Website or Mailboxes,
  • PoPIA Infringement,
  • Victim of e-abuse or e-crime,
  • Victim of personal information published online,
  • Mitigating online trade mark or copyright infringements.
Fee Provisions can cover:
  • Up to 4 hours of our teams time for preliminary assessments and ground work.
  • Up to 2 additional hours for consult.
  • Up to 2 hours of our Lawyer’s time for legal review and report on legal avenues available to be pursued.
  • If applicable: an IP and trace attempt, an examination of web files and emails, an attempt to determine route entry and recommendations on recovery.
  • Report on damages and recommendations and quotes for repair.
  • Report of PoPIA breach to Regulator.
  • Reporting e-crime to authorities.
We quote on a per project basis. Please use our Immediate Action Request Form to make contact and explain your needs so we can prepare a custom quote for you.


Every business is different, therefore services need to be customized, however our two base services (WD E-Action and WD Company e-Policy) cover an exceptional scope of needs. Our team is available to discuss and then quote on your specific concerns.

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We also have the following similiar offers:

Web Security on Cybercrime Services

Web Recovery

Website Recovery options - CMS / HTML.

Website Recovery. Basic CMS

A recovery scan of website files.
If possible to repair within the booked time, repair will be done.
Additional time may be required depending on level of damage. Should this be the case, we will offer a quote before we proceed.
R640 + vat.
Website Backup Service on Cybercrime Services

Backup Services


Backup Service – Once Off – Up to 5 GB

R320 + vat
  • Emails and website files downloaded from server and emailed to client.
  • Reduces disk space on their domain.

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More About Cybercrime & Digital Abuse Services.

Cybercrime and Digital Abuse is a full time career for some bad people out there.

There are thousands of e-hacks every day and many e-crimes committed on both private individuals and businesses. There is a constant battle taking place against bad e-behaviour and those committing it. Education, prevention and mitigation are three phases we all need to work on to reduce risks and damages.

As our business deals with some of the major forms of e-platforms, namely websites and emails, we are doing our part in developing services to try and help our Clients. Please feel free to chat to us to explain your situation and get custom attention from our team.