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  • Advance Sales Consult.
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  • Hosting, Email, or Domain Technical Support.
Our appointments are booked 4-8 working hours in advance. MONDAY-THURSDAY. (Not including public holidays). 08h30-10h30 // 14h00-15h00. Booking an Appointment with Website Design

These conditions apply to all Appointments:

  1. Our professional time and that of our Clients is very important. If you book an appointment both you and our office are agreeing to making ourselves available and honouring the appointment.
  2. Should an appointment need to be cancelled or rescheduled please give our office 8 working hours’ notice via whatsapp 0648092035 or email action@websitedesign.co.za
  3. During an appointment please ensure you are ready 5 minutes prior as we always run on time and we don’t want to lose a minute with you.
  4. Please ensure you have a good data / internet connection and all your questions or comments are ready for us to attend to.

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