March 2023.




Do you want to hear something shocking?

There are around 150 million homeless people in the World today! If you have a roof over your head, you are one of the lucky ones! This brings us onto the question: HOUSE or HOME?  


We have all had to rent or go through the process of buying a property. It is both stressful and exciting! In this newsletter we wanted to join the dots between that experience and what we do, because a house is just a property, but a home is a space you LOVE.

Website Design Hosting

The same goes for websites. A website (and emails) at their core are simple computer files, not unlike an MS Word document. That ‘document’ has to be ‘saved’ somewhere. Perhaps a folder on your desktop or a flash drive. Our point is your website needs a ‘home’ and not any ‘old house’ should do, after all your work is important.


At websitedesign.co.za we do not only make websites, but we offer them really comfy homes (servers). Gosh, we even tuck them in at night and have coffee waiting in the morning! The truth is, the better the home, the better it is for technical support and Client care.

Free Accommodation!


There really is nothing free when it comes to GOOD business. Many people try free web builders and hosting providers. More often than not, this forces them into a situation where developer code is limited or the domain services are locked. These are just a few of the several many ‘not so nice’ factors at play in these situations. We want you to know that we have our own hosting division (www.websitehosting.co.za) and any of our business website packages come with hosting, domain and email services PLUS several bells and whistles.

Manage your own website

Blunder on the Internet.

An ‘oopsie’ is building a website and then not doing what is needed for search engines to feature your website for search results. The process of getting this done is called SEO, and it is just one of several types of ‘web marketing’. The misconception out there is SEO is a once off service, off the shelf, single purchase. Anyone who says this is a big fibber!


Let us explain.


SEO is like petrol. With a car you need to keep topping it up with fuel if you want to keep it moving on the road. The faster you drive, or the more challenging the route, the more fuel you need. This is how SEO works. Our business is on the 1ST PAGE OF GOOGLE, so you know when you chat to us we know what we are doing. See our outstanding SEO

services which start at R2580 + Vat for half a year or R4100 + Vat for a full year. 

Be a Newton

QR codes are the ‘next level smartness’ and our business creates QR systems for websites and in store use. So, dear Sir and Madam, if Isaac was still around, his website might have something from this image link on his own website:

The www.websitedesign.co.za Team.


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Client Feedback

It still stays an absolute pleasure for me to work with professional people. Thank you for that and may the rest of this year just bring you joy and happiness


Client Feedback

Thank you for your excellent service, much appreciated!!! Have a great day further


Client Feedback

Wow...it's absolutely fabulous. I love it... The contact form works and goes to my mail. I am so happy with your design and excellent service. Nice work ,thank you so much.


Client Feedback

Thanks for a great job. I have received many compliments on the web site design!


Client Feedback

Thanks for the quick response and professional approach - it says volumes about your business.