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R1 820 ex vat

Search Engine Optimization.

Web Marketing Assessment

Summary Assessment of your online business status and needs (once off)

R795 ex vat.
Web marketing specialist feedback and findings.


If you are unsure which Web Marketing avenue to pursue – this is the perfect starting solution. Just about every company deploys strategies that are too time consuming and share the incorrect message at the wrong times. Before choosing a marketing package, let us assess our online footprint and needs.


Website SEO Packages
Search engine optimization.

SEO Status Certificate

FREE with website.

SEO 3 Basic

R1 820 ex vat.
Setup, Research and Maintenance for 3 months.
Standard CMS or HTML website. Up to 5 pages.

SEO 6 Standard

R2 580 ex vat.
Setup, Research and Maintenance for 6 months.
Standard CMS or HTML website. Up to 15 pages.

SEO 6 Advanced

R3 180 ex vat.
Setup, Research and Maintenance for 6 months.
Ecomm or Directory website, or more than 16 pages.

SEO 12 Standard

R4 100 ex vat.
Setup, Research and Maintenance for 12 months.
Standard CMS or HTML website.Up to 15 pages.

SEO 12 Advanced

R4 500 ex vat.
Setup, Research and Maintenance for 12 months.
Ecomm or Directory website, or more than 16 pages.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the practice and implementation of certain principles, tasks and tools done on a website to influence search engines, like Google, to better understand the purpose of a website and web pages. This will then result in better search results to search engine users by ranking web pages in order of most relevance to the phrase searched.

SEO is a continuous practice. Think of it this way –
Your website is a car. The internet is the road network.
The more petrol you put in your car, the further it goes.
When you run out of fuel – your car remains where it stopped until you refuel, while traffic around you continues, and at some point a fly over is built meaning traffic is no longer passing where you stopped.
SEO is a continuous task to make sure your website remains relevant.

Results of SEO

SEO Explained

SEO can broadly be divided into two sections: Steps and tasks that can only be done once + Steps and tasks that can be repeated.

Before any work can be done, research into the competitiveness of the related industry has to be done in order to ascertain competing websites, and develop a strategy to outrank their webpages for better positions. Therefore, the correct process of SEO is three phase:

  • Research Market & designer strategy, creating priority list of tools and tasks are best for website ranking,
  • Implement priority list of tools and tasks, then,
  • Maintain site with tasks that need to be repeated.

This document is an independent certificate developed by Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline and is a guideline of the most up to date and generally accepted tricks and tools of the trade to increase website ranking. The tools used per website are normally decided based on the results of the research done, and the frequency of the repeated tasks are normally determined on the competitiveness of the industry the website is trading in. Search engines rank each and every page. As each new web page is added to the internet, its purpose is assessed and ranked by search engines. If a web page or website is launched competing for similar search phrases to own site purpose, own website SEO strategy and frequency of work to be done needs to make provision for the new competitor.

SEO is therefore not a once off product or step in building a website. It is recommended that competiveness research is done at least once a year, and strategy amended."

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