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Did you know the first website was launched on the 6th of August 1991 and is still up and running?


The website was originally created by the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Sir Tim Berners-Lee is hailed as the inventor of the World Wide Web. There are about 540 000 new websites launched

each day, and the www currently houses a total of about 1.2 billion websites. Only 20 % of these are maintained and remain active!


Talk about web junk!


~~~~~~~~~~~~                  JUNK STATUS


Don’t let your website become junk. Many people believe that once a website is made it lasts forever. This is simply not true. 


Web Maintenance

There are countless search engine, server and code updates made over the web each year. Some experts’ say you need to update your website every week, others say a total new website is required every three years.

THE PROBLEM                ~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you don’t keep your website maintenance on track, it can affect your security, operational and functional activity. It can list poorly on search engines, crash or be hacked! The worst thing would be a website that looks out of date if you are trying to impress a Client. At WebsiteDesign.co.za we believe a new website or a total revamp is generally required every two years. It is time to do some extra work on your website if you can answer yes to any of these questions:  


  • Do your Clients have brand new needs?
  • Are you falling behind your competition on the web?
  • Is there a trending topic or campaign in your sector?
  • Has there been a major code or plug in update rolled out around the World?
  • Is there a new web feature available that can service your business needs?


You can chat to us on whatsapp to get an assessment at any time: 0724237298


Website Maintenance Services

In some complex instances you will need a website designer to quote, but we also help our Clients upskill their teams to enable them to do some basic maintenance on their own websites and save some money.



You can book a training course with us to learn how to update basic text, images and do rudimentary updates, these lessons start at R930 + vat. We offer ‘maintenance services’ from R1080 + vat if you would like to have a website designer on call.


Website Maintenance Training


There are roughly 12 ‘types’ of websites. Today we wanted to mention one type called ‘Directory Websites’.

This type of website falls under the family of business websites, and offer components like directory listings, market places, learning management, and appointment booking features.

Directory Websites

These sorts of things are not found on ‘free’ or ‘do it yourself’ web builders. 


Prices generally range between R5 250 and R10 900 + vat, depending on the components required. If you would like to see what else these types of websites can do...


Directory Website Design

NO LICENCE REQUIRED          ~~~~~~~

PPC Marketing

Types of Website Marketing options are more plentiful that TV channels and you don’t have to pay a TV licence!  


One of the more costly but also offering the fastest return options is something called PPC. This stands for Pay Per Click. In short you bid for top positions on search engines and pay every time someone visits your website. We have worked on campaigns that cost as little as R5 per click, but then also those that are well over R100! In the end, it still can work out less than a TV advert and only displaying for a prospective Client instead of a random viewer.


PPC on Google is called Adwords. We offer a research and set up service to work out how much you need to spend and set up your adverts. Once that is done we offer a monthly management service to keep the campaign running or train your team to self-manage.

Adwords Marketing
Website Design Client Review


Live Website Example

We have completed well over 15 000 projects. Here is an example of a new website we recently completed. This type of website costs around R2550 + vat and takes about 14 days to build.

Website Design Portfolio

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