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Picture Tagging

One of the most overlooked weapons in the SEO arsenal is picture tagging. Images can generate a high volume of traffic based on image searches. This means although content needs to be optimized for SEO, images need to go through the same treatment in terms of tagging.

Therefore adding images and tagging them in the most optimized way will mean that your website will have a good rank on both the search results page, as well as having its images displayed among the first results in the image search category.

When considering images for a website try to ensure that they are eye catching and entice readers to share the image or page. However images should be relevant to the content of your website in order to enable adding more keywords to the website.

When tagging pictures it is important to consider the text that is being used. Firstly the name of the image should be easy to spell for the URL. Give the image a simple but descriptive name in English. This is because search engine robots not only analyse the text but the words associated with image tags too. Make sure that the filename contains keywords that relate to your website.

Alt text should also not be overlooked when it comes to picture tagging. If a browser cannot display the image it is important that it have some form of content to display. This is where alt text comes in – it gives the search engine a robot an idea of what the image is about. Search engine robots rely on the tags around a picture in order to classify it and index it for image search results.

Although image tagging is important, it also important not to overstuff your images with keywords and tags. Keep the tags simple, descriptive and easy to understand.

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