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Website Design - Search Engine Optimization

Pages And Content

A website it built on pages and content – and this is what a search engine robot crawls through when indexing the page. It is imperative that page content be original and adhere to SEO principles and that missing pages either be removed or replaced.

When content is checked for SEO purposes it is put through the ringer to make sure that it is search engine friendly and unique.

An SEO team will perform the following checks on the content of a website:

  • The content is run a through plagiarism checker to ensure that all content is 100% unique. This means that it does not match or correspond to existing web content on the internet. The more unique the content of a website is, the more favourably search engines will look on it.
  • Spelling and language errors are corrected to ensure professional content.
  • Content is checked for keywords – the more keywords appear in the content, the better. However the content must still read as natural and be relevant to the website. Structuring content around keywords is a good idea, as long as the content will fascinate visitors enough to repeat visits to the site.

Missing pages pose a problem when it comes to SEO. When a search robot picks up on an error due to missing pages, it negatively affects the ranking of the website. If your website confuses the search engine, it won’t list it on the first page. Missing pages can be corrected by putting up a message to visitors regarding the page and at the same time excluding the page from future indexing by search engines. It is therefore essential that missing pages be removed or corrected and that the website is sent out to search engines with no missing pages and errors.

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