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Search Engine Optimization - Plagiarism Check.

You can find plagiarism all over the internet with people constantly copy and pasting each other’s work. People do this in hopes of improving their website. However, plagiarism will only have the opposite effect when it comes to SEO.

If you are using duplicate content, the chances of your website being regarded as an authority on a keyword subject are severely limited. When a search engine begins to index your webpages, they prioritise fresh content and keep track of content that has been duplicated.

Therefore, if your content is disregarded by search engine robots for not being authoritative and lacking original content, all other SEO efforts will be futile as the pages are not being ranked by search engines. Search engines such as Google can go as far as deregistering your website off their index completely if your content is plagiarised.

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More on Plagiarism Check.

Search Engine Optimization - Plagiarism Check

However, content is not finite, and it is entirely possible that content may be duplicated purely by chance – as similar phrases and sayings are commonplace. Therefore, it is essential to run all content through a plagiarism filter to check how original it is. A plagiarism checker runs your content against content available on the internet and reveals which percentage already exists and which percentage can be considered as new or unique content.

SEO loves updated content and it loves lots of content – and though it may be challenging to produce high volumes of content that is original, if you want your website to rank on the first page, you must put in the work with your content.


Search Engine Optimization explained.

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