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Reduce Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate refers to the percentage of website visitors that do not navigate away from the first page they see on your website. This could be because of deficient design, a lack of interest in the content or simply because they have visited the wrong site. When it comes to SEO it is imperative to reduce this bounce rate in order to signal that your website is providing an enjoyable user experience.

Always include related posts in the content of a webpage in order to promote further browsing, however avoid pop ups to promote related content. A pop up will only annoy a visitor and cause them to close the browser. Naturally embedding links to related content or listing related articles in a sidebar will tempt visitors to browse further and explore the webpage more.

Streamline your design in order to increase the likeability of the webpage. The tidier a page is, and the easier it is to navigate the more a user will focus on the content and navigate to more pages. It is fundamental to get a visitor to navigate to more than one page on the webpage and the more they navigate the better.

If you have long posts a good way to reduce the bounce rate and promote more navigation is to split up long posts into separate pages. Therefore if a user is intrigued by the content, they have to follow the link to the next page to see the rest of the content.

The smaller your bounce rate, the better it is for your website. Therefore pay attention to the design and content and always think like the visitor.

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